Ukelele Flow

Hi! We are Ukelele Flow from Soria, Spain, and this is our Popullar project. We are:
Esther Cangas Casado
Ana Álvarez-Campana Sánchez
Manuel Alexander Hernández Gallego
Miguel Carazo Sainz
Martín Díaz Moreno

The original song:

Our video version:

Link to the original lyrics:

The new lyrics:

I Have a Tic J

My car was stolen tonight, was stolen tonightI lost myself in the darkness between the lightsEveryone surrounding were playing and having funBut me I was standing in like being almost doneIt’s time to runWith a dead corpse lying down in his trunk
I have a tic; I’ve lost my chips,I’m very bad at bluffingI have a tic; I’ve lost my chips,Cheats don’t work like in PS3.

My wife is calling me now, is calling me nowI feel so high I don’t distinguish her in the crowdI have lost my trousers and I can’t remember howMy shirt is full of wine and I just stink like a cowI don’t know whyI found myself fighting against a crocodile
Chorus x2
My thoughts r attacking meIt was so suddenlyI woke up in the night in my bed so sweatily I couldn’t believe it was just a nightmareI’mma sleep again The power to restThe power to dreamThe power to sleep yeah, yeah, yeah
It was a dream, it wasn’t realI was just sleeping inIt was a dream, it wasn’t realIt’s the power of energetic drinks
We have enjoyed this work, we have lerned a lot about each other and about music with english language. It hasn't been the usual homework so we think this work can be useful for the following generations.