Teen Foreigners

Hello everybody!!! We are Teen Foreigners, a group composed by 5 Translation & Interpreting students from the University of Valladolid: Blanca Esther Arribas, Rocío Barrio, Alicia Cuervo, Adriana Gualoto & Erika López.

Our name's group comes from the fact that we belong from different parts of Spain: TEEN FOREIGNERS


Our song, which is a version of the well-known song "We will rock you" by Queen, is called "We won't stop you". Here you can listen to the instrumental version and the original one.

We have chosen this song because we want to tell our listeners to do what they want and not what they are supposed to do. The main idea is to show yourself as you really are.

Here you can listen to our amazing song: We won't stop you.

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.

Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too can become great".

(Mark Twain)

Finally, we have to say we enjoyed doing this project. We have a very positive opinion about the PopuLLar Project: mixing languages, music and new technologies makes learning great fun. You can't miss it!!! It's an enjoyable experience!!!

"PopuLLar is like a message in a bottle, you never know which language you're gonna found". (Rocío, 2013)

"PopuLLar is like a closed book, wherever you open it, you'll enjoy it!" (Alicia, 2013)


Hope you enjoy it!!!