IES Ria San Martin, Suances, en Cantabria.


Hi, everyone!

Our school is located in a small village called Suances in Cantabria, in Northern Spain. Suances is on the coast and it's surrounded by beaches, cliffs and amazing scenery. It's a surfer's dream and if you like seafood, this is the place to eat.

This is our new building, where we moved last year. It has fantastic views overlooking the coast and San Martín Estuary. That's why our school is called Ría San Martín.

In our school only Secondary Education (12-16 years old) is taught. Our students come from different villages that belong to Suances municipality: Suances, Cortiguera, Hinojedo, Puente Avíos, Tagle and Ongayo. There are 237 students.

There are 29 teachers and they teach Maths, Spanish, English, French, Technology, Computer Studies, History, Geography, PE, Physics and Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Music, Art...

Somos los alumnos del Taller de 3º de Música.

1º Elegimos la canción: "American Idiot" de Green Day.
2º Pensamos el tema e inventamos la letra: "Verano en Suances".
3º Grabamos el vídeo en la playa.
4º Sacamos fotografías en el aula de Música.
5º Grabamos la voz.
6º Editamos el vídeo.


A continuación hemos preparado un vídeo con la letra en español...para que todos podáis cantar la canción en español.