New Sensation

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We are two girls from 1st year Translation and Intepreting who like English and music.

Original songs:

Instrumental songs:


I took a pill in Ibiza
to fit in cool kids groups
And when I finally got in, felt it was my place
But fuck it, I felt strange
I'm living out the good life
With no worries or no cares
I'm a real big dreamer of the things I would imagine
but tonight I feel like fading away
‘Cause I knew you were looking at some other girls
so what is wrong with that?
I thought you were gonna be the only one
Till you put me down oh
I knew you were partying later the other night
So that is not my fault
You let me down so many times
Now I'm crying in the back of my car
Oh, oh, breakup, breakup, breakup
Oh, oh, breakup, breakup, breakup

Once I was seven years old, my sister told me
"Go learn to ride a bike or you won’t move from here”.
Once I was seven years old
It is a big big world and you better not trust anybody
Loving each other and believing we can solve the problems
But now my life’s a mess and I keep making all the errors
Never taking care of those who will destroy me later

You used to take me to Coachella
Late night when I saw an ugly dress
Call my good designer
Late night when you want a perfect dress
And I know she will do it great
Cause she is the queen of fashion weeks
I know when you are wearing it
The guys won’t stop looking at you