It’s All About Magic


Ana María Molina Campins
Lidia Pérez Gómez
Blanca Rejas Martín

Elena Zapico Cruz
About us:
We are from different parts of Spain, all we want is to have fun, and make you smile putting magic in your lives.
Santander, Burgos, Mallorca and Soria all united to create a fantastic story. Let yourself go and enjoy the travel to a magic world.

Magic is all you need

I’m a witchy girl, in a wizard world
Life with magic, is fantastic
I can cast spells
And curse you if you’re bad
I’m a joy bringer if I snap my fingers.
(C’mon baby, let’s do magic) (x2)
I woke up in my bed
I was a normal girl
Suddenly I did see
Some sparkles
Need to talk to my mum
But I have to keep calm
Where is she?

Oh my God
I can’t find her.

what are you saying?
Have you lost your mind?
Don’t try to fool me
Kid, I’m no blind
Go eat your breakfast
And keep your mouth shut
You dare to reply me,
It’ll be so bad
Don’t try to trick me
You aren’t going nowhere
C’mon sit on your chair
I’ll punish you, I swear.

You’re banned from playing,
You can’t go outside
Dress up for school
Don’t try to hide

What do you mean by doing magic?
I am counfused and I think you’re lying
Are you sure?
Teacher believe me I’m a grown up girl
See the kids, don’t you want to play with them?
Go, have fun and all the magic thing will go away
Go with your partners and enjoy the day
Please girl don’t cry
I’m sure there’s magic inside of you
Don’t be sad

Can you show me if you tell the truth


Made the teacher dissapear

Oh my god, this can’t be real

C’mon let’s get outta here

She’s magic, it’s cristal clear

I would like to fly

Far away up high

I would, oh yeah

Could you make them real

All my fantasies

It’s cool, wow

This magic girl

Can do magic anywhere

Make the gadgets dance with her

Change the color of my hair

This magic girl

Can open doors when they’re locked

She can even talk to frogs
Make appear my alarm clock

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