I.E.S. Lope de Vega

Lope de Vega High School.

Our High School is 14 years old. It’s located in Sta. María de Cayón, Cantabria. This is a bit in

the north of Spain, on the south of the capital city Santander.

It’s a very big school. Around seven hundred students are studying ESO and Bachillerato here.

There’re also older students studying different kinds of Educative Lines most of them related

to the alimentary industry because the factory “Nestle” is very close and many students’ relatives work in it.

There are 12 bilingual groups, half English and half French from 1st ESO to 2nd Bachilletaro.


There are 20 of us in the group. This year, 2 new students who want to work really hard and to

learn a lot, have join our class.

Our group is in 2nd ESO and last year we were working together as a bilingual group. We did

many different activities. The one we enjoyed the most was a play. We took this photo then.


"IMAGINE" Our first try.

We have translated into Spanish and adapted the popular song "Imagine" with the help of our English and music teachers.


Some girls of the group enjoyed the activity we did in class and decided to record another song by themselves. Here is the result. They hope you like it, they had great fun doing it.