I.E.S. Garcilaso de la Vega
IES Garcilaso de la Vega is a secondary school for 12 to 18 year- old students. Our location is Torrelavega, a town in the north of Spain with a population of about 60.000 people. The students who take part in this project are 13 to 15 years old. Most of them study German in a bilingual project. Alarich, María José, Barbara and Lorena will be working with the students in this project and we will try to record and upload videos in English and German languages.
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Here is our Spanish version of the song "On top of the world" from Imagine Dragons. The name of our song is"Ha llegado Junio" in Spanish and "Juni ist da" in German.Ha llegado Junio

Juni ist da

Our Spanish version of the song "One way or another" from One Direction. We called it "Fiesta 4ever" in Spanish and "Party für Immer"in German.Fiesta 4ever

Party für Immer

Javier has written new lyrics for the song "I want it all" from Queen. His version of the song has the title "Sadness in the streets". Everything was made by himself and his friend Pablo, who has helped him film the video.

Garcilaso 002.JPG
That's the Spanish version of "Can't hold us" from Macklemore&Ryan Lewis. The name of our Spanish version is "Imparable", the German one is called "Unaufhaltbar".Imparable


Here is our Spanish version of the song "Wake me up"from Avicii. The name of our song is"Fiesta nocturna" in Spanish and "Party in der Nacht" in German.Fiesta nocturna

Party in der Nacht

popullar 4º 008.JPG

This is the Spanish version of the song "More than friends". from Inna. We called it "Ayer salí" in Spanish and "Summer Nights" in English.Ayer salí

Summer Nights

Our Spanish version of the song "I love it" from Icona Pop. The name of our Spanish version is "El golpe" and the name of the English one is "The Robbery".El golpe

The Robbery

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