external image CatSleepingInHammockx100.gif CATYLAND!

Hello Europe!

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We're a group of four students (Pamela, Laura, Alba and Cristina) that study Translation and Interpreting in Soria. Currently, we are in our second year and as everybody in here, we love languages.

And now, let us tell you a bit more about our group:

  • Every translator has a good friend by his side when working. No, it's not the laptop. It breathes and it has fur. Yes, it's a cat. We think that cats are a translator's best friend so that's why reason why we choose Catyland. Can you imagine a land full of cats? We do!

  • Our song is based on our passion for translating but originally, it was made by other group in which Cristina was in (you can see their names on the video credits). We loved it and we decided that we had to sing it.

  • In the song there are words such as Trados that maybe are not familiar to you Well, Trados is a computer programme that translators use to make translations via digital format. We don't really use pencil and paper anymore!

  • The song we chose was Euphoria by Loreen, 2012 Eurovisión Song Contest winner. You can listen to the instrumental version we used here:

And finally, we just want you to enjoy our song:

We can change the world (Lyrics on the screen)