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We are a group of young students who joined together for a project, which it has ended up being a great experience, from the very beginning to the end. We are Germán Merino, Daniela Oliveira, Patricia Pérez and Oriana Santos. The idea for the song came because we didn’t have clear what we wanted to talk about or express. So we did it the other way round, we thought about a story, which could be told in the video and from that we chose the songs and wrote them. And the result was Runaway Groom. We are not singers or even actors but we did our best and enjoyed it as much as possible.

Original songs used:

Instrumentals used:

And finally here's our video Runaway Groom!


Now you can check the information and video regarding the process and making of the video. Enjoy it :)



I was left at the altarWith all my wedding plansWhere has my husband gone?What the hell’s going on?
Honeymoon already bookedIslas Fiji? PuffWhat am I supposed to do?Apart from killing you…
I’m chasing after you…
I’m chasing after, my husbandHe won’t be hiding from me anymoreI’m chasing after, my husbandNo place on earth without being explored.
Chase-chase my husbandChase-chasemy husbandHave you seen this man before?Chase-chase my husbandChase-chase my husbandWhere has my husband gone?

Find another oneAnother one

Now you are alone and I’ve been waiting for you longerYour husband is gone and honey I’m much strongerI’ll take care of you like if I were your brotherYou know baby I’m hotter than any others

If you try myselfI promise you won’t regret it but if you try myselfYou’ll get to know the difference but if you try myselfYou could live like Elizabeth, if you try myselfCome on try myself!

Check this bodyI know you like itDon’t let it go! NODon’t let it go! NO
Check this bodyYou know you like itDon’t let it go! NODon’t let it go! NO
Come on girl don’t miss this chance it will be worst.

Find another oneAnother oneMe me me me find another oneAnother oneMe me me me find another one
Eh sexy ladyMe me me me find another oneEh sexy ladyMe me me me find another one

TonightI’m escaping from SpainWater, road or even airWho really cares? If I’m still here tomorrowImagine my face
I’m escaping tonight
I’ve already once run awayBut I’m escaping from SpainNever mind how much to payI’m afraid that I could dieGet me out from here mum.

Excuse me, excuse meI know you might need some help from me tonightAnd I do have this ticket, for you, surprise!And I really like your suit so, perhapsWe could make a great deal.Dale!