Fantastic Girls

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Eva Villoslada
Ana Martinez
Nadia Garcia
Raquel Rodríguez

About us:

Hi everybody! We are four Spanish students of Translation and Interpreting in Soria’s university. We want to show us our song! Do this project it has been very interesting because we’ve learned new things doing it.

Translation life

Let’s study translation
You can learn languages
And have fun with your friends

Hey, you are going to improve
And spelling better
The words could come to you

You can’t waste your time
Come on and say it loud
Crime, oh, what is crime?
It’s not belonging to this league
Take a look, see who’s around you
All translators study just like you

Then don’t think about it
You will meet a lot of people
And where can you do it?
Erasmus age
Practice with them
Take a break and learn too much
And don’t forget your dictionary now

Let’s goooo, you can enter to this grade
And you won’t regret
start to translate texts/ start to interpret

Translation time
Erasmus life
Come on to learn
Come on to speak
Amazing things
Translation time
Erasmus life
Come on to learn
Enjoy with us

You can have fun/ It will be great