Tropic is a brand-new Spanish four-piece band made up in 2015. We are: Lara, Claudia, Nayden and Luis. We are a multi-cultural group with members from Spain, Romania and Bulgaria. We are influenced by different pop, R&B and rock artists. We all can sing in Spanish and English. Besides, we have Bulgarian and Romanian singers. We write our own lyrics inspired by our own experiences, hopes and dreams. Our songs are made with passion, illusion, innovation and creativity. One of our members, Claudia, can play the acoustic guitar. Hope you enjoy our music!

For us, PopuLLar is like doing sport, at the beginning is tough and you want to quit but after a while you actually enjoy it and feel proud.

Our experience in the PopuLLar project:
It was an exciting and amazing experience. With this project we could learn English in an interesting, funny and creative way. We’ve also improved our work in group. We’ve enjoyed it a lot.

Songs we have chosen

Rihanna - We Found Love
Guns N' Roses - Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Our song ''Broken Shiny Star''


Audio recording:


UPDATE (28/04/2015)

We have created a new version of our song "Broken Shiny Star", it is an acoustic version in Spanish and Romanian, called "Sueños rotos". Enjoy it!


Audio recording: