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Natali Alzamora Huarcaya
Anna Davydova

José Araque Meza
Beata Groba

About us:
We are a group of girls from different countries: Poland, Ukraine, Peru and Colombia. We are studying Translation and Interpreting in the University of Valladolid, on the campus ´Duques de Soria´ which is located in the city of Soria.
We came from very different cultures so we had to work hard so as to fit our points of view in only one sound track. However, we enjoyed it very much.
We would like to show to the world our little project because we worked a lot on it and because we want people to see that there are amazing ways to learn and practice English.

Mari in the Sleepland

( Umbrella-Rihanna)

You are my life
I´ll always love you bed
In the rainy days

Or when it´s cold outside
My dear bed, you are so nice
You always keep me warm
And I don´t need a friend
I don´t need the alarm

It´s so annoying
to hear the alarm
trying to wake me up anyhow
That´s why you´re the best
You are just
Like a hot tasty soup

( Mari falls asleep)

The Queen - Anna
(Thrift Shop - Macklemore)

I am the Queen
Queen of the Dreams
I am your mistress
You are my slave
The bride of my son

My dream will come true
I don´t care about yours
You´ll marry him
oh… don´t you want to ?
…. You can´t escape

The prince - Beata
(I´m sexy and I know it - LMFAO)

When you see me miss

You only think

´How handsome, oh my!´
I am here

In my new

Bell bottoms blue jeans, yeah
This is how I look

And you wanna kiss me now
This guy with the big afro

Who look like rich drugged artist

Marry me Mari, yeah

Marry me Mari, yeah

Marry me Mari, yeah

Marry me Mari, yeah

The alarm - Natali
(La La La - Naughty Boy)

I´m not trying
to awake you
I don’t want to do it
But then you start snoring
You make me have a headache
This sound goes louder and louder
That is enough I can’t stand it
I chant la la la
It´s horrible to hear it, even look at you
And I start to sing my song
You tried to make me shut up,
I cried louder

La la, la la la...
La la, la la la…
And I cried louder

La la, la la la...

Neverending Dream - The Queen - Anna
(Black & White - Kuroshitsuji Musical)

(The Alarm saves Mari from the Prince and the Queen, so the Queen sings the farewell song)

You were our only hope
A present from above
But you chose to live us all
You chose the Alarm

So now we must say
Goodbye, and we know
Since tonight you prefer to stay
Away from the...
Ne-ver-ending Dream
Even if

You love to sleep a lo-ot

The Alarm saved your soul
You felt right and felt wrong
But now we have no power on you


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