The silhouette of the Queen

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About us:Our group was born an evening of boredom at the library. All of us were sat in a 1meter squared table, when finally after a whole evening thinking, we decided to call our band “The silhouette of the Queen”, formed by a female group. We chose this song because is very moving and all of us loved it. The name of the band is in honor of the fantastic and legendary group of music: Queen.

We did our best for you, hope you’ll enjoy it!

Members: Hanna Klaudia PetrakovaVerónica Rodrigo MarquésLidia Prieto BañosMarina Mendoza Mateos

Our video:

Our song:

Livin’ on my own
You’ve got to realize, our time is running out,
Working for living or enjoying watching the clouds.
Tell me right now, is this how was meant to be?
This is my cruel world, got to build my spaceship,
And I will leave you all down below, I’ll be fine, you won’t know
In other dimension I could probably get used to live

Mama, please take it slow, there is something on my mind,
I will leave my past behind.
Papa, sell the things I own,
gotta leave this home tonight and start from scratch.

Buddy oooh, I’ll miss you with all my heart;
I hope they’ll feed you and never will let you die.
Time to go, time to go… I'm running out the back door.

Since then, 3 months have passed,
the bonfire heats me up, nothing’s colder than this night.
Fighting for life, searching for a light,
and I'm crawling just to kill the thirst inside.
Mama ooh, I regret for what I’ve done,
I sometimes wish I’d never been escaped from home…

I see a little “silhouetto”. Who is this?
Take you care! Take you care!, looks like something evil’s there!
Maiden, don’t get closer!
This thing’s hypnotizing me!
Valentina (Valentina)
Are you the devil? (I’m the devil!)
Mama mia! Let me go. (Won’t let you go)
I’m just a little girl, what you want from me?
I can give you all you want, in exchange for your soul.
It is all on your hands, don’t miss this opportunity.
Let me think, I’m not sure, don’t think this would work.
Imagine! Oh! Millions in your account (your account),
Imagine! Successful whole your life (whole your life),
Imagine! No worries till you die,
Never ever cry,
Everything you’ll have.
I guess I won’t.
No, no, no, no, no, no
Oh Valentina, Valentina, don’t think twice, this is your chance.
Here’s the contract, all you have to do is sign in here, for me, for me

So you think you can come here and dribble my life?
So you think I’m so weak I was ready to sign?
Oh never, now I'm freer than ever
Don’t you come back, just go to hell out of here.

Nothing really matters, that’s the way I feel,
Life could not be better, I’ll start my adventure from here.
In this dimension...