Rock In Soria

Rock in Soria photo.jpg
Ángel Sánchez-Carrasco, Mª Cristina Rodríguez Ballesteros and Julia Martínez Rodríguez


We are a group created in Soria which like to make mash-ups and we are from different parts of Spain, like Toledo, Ciudad Real and A Coruña.

Ángel is the one form Ciudad Real. Although he doesn't like singing very much, he is very spontaneous and helped to make the video funnier. Recording with him was such an adventure.

Cristina is the one from Toledo. As she is very creative and loves singing, she didn't find difficult any part of the project and was willing to help the other members with the doubts they could have.

Finally, Julia is the one from A Coruña. She is good at organising and has a sweet voice. She also had good ideas while we were recording the video.


We all are translators - Rock in Soria


Life's not easy.
Life's not fair.
I've had to lose my English class.
I'm so angry.
(Yes, you are)
I don't know where to go right now.
To my flat.
To the park.
So many places in Soria.
I think I have got a plan.
We could go to the Dehesa.
You know, not everything's bad.
Now we can sleep, run or dance.
And we've got more free time.
To do whatever we like.

When you have to get up at 7 a.m.
And the teacher won't remember your name.
You may have forgotten your German book.
You can't either connect the Internet.
Just be strong, guy, 'cause you know soon you will be free.
Remember it's Thursday. You can party like there is no end.
I'm wondering why,
People leave so early and the go to bed.
Yiropas doesn't close until twelve.

I want to be.
I think these years will be the best ones.
Yes, I choose
for the future.
Other degrees weren't enough for me.
I've never in the past taken a decision like that.
But it's time to take risky challenges.
There are four years
with no fear.
Even boring subjects could be interesting.
Yes, I want.
'Cause I can.
Well, I want.
'Cause I can.
Well, I want.
'Cause I can.
Yes, I will translate.
And I'll be the best.

So c'mon, you already know
some of the things you shouldn't do.
And now you can really try
not to repeat them and make it right.
And if you really like Translation you wouldn't have to mind.
You chose this, you know.
Because the only thing you've done is whining.
And now you have to try to be optimistic.
If only you could realise everything you can do
here in Soria.
So why don't you
come to the park with us?
Why don't you?
'Cause after all
we all are translators.


Highway to hell - AC/DC
Thinking out loud - Ed Sheeran
Back in black - AC/DC
Wonderwall - Oasis


Highway to hell - AC/DC
Thinking out loud - Ed Sheeran
Back in black - AC/DC
Wonderwall - Oasis