the Band was found in 2011, when two young awesome guys (old friends) realised that they would like to be famous and get drugs for free. They weren't handsome enough to become models, clever enough to become scientists or writers and talented enough to become actors, so they started a band. There still was a problem cause there wasn’t any drummer.
In the summer of that year one of their friends met them and told them that he was working with the guy who played drums.
After one year of experiments with other musicians and singers they found a singer. Since that time they have been working on their own songs and playing live since the autumn 2012.


Natka Pecháčková - vocals
Lukáš Nejedlý - guitar
Tomáš Markl - bass
Radim Číž - Drums

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ZZ pops (long siren version):

So alone

My heart


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