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Description of our process so far:

After the project had been introduced to us, we got into groups to discuss ideas and what instrumental to use, then we wrote all the ideas on the board and slowly started to pick out the ones that we absolutely didn’t like as a class. Then we voted on the ones that were left and decided which topic we should talk about in the song. After we decided which topic we are going to use, three of us went outside to ask a few people some questions. We asked about five people, asking the people was very helpful for the development of the song. Then we went back to the school and started working on the lyrics of the song.

The next time we met the boys, and the girls rapped the lyrics appropriately to the beat of the song. Until now we have combined the lyrics with the instrumental, and now all that’s left to do is add the video to the song matching the lyrics.


d.JPGMusic video Spanish

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