We are a group of university students, coming from all over Spain, that was looking forwards to participating in this project. We have learnt lots of things and it has helped us strengthen our friendship. We are (from back to front) Sara Bello, Lorena Rodríguez, Silvia Martinez, Markel Sierra, Isabel Robles and Raquel Díaz. We are passionated about languages and we joined this proyect as soon as we discovered this proyect. We really think that music is the best way to learn a foreign language and PopuLLar Project gave us the chance to enjoy while practicing our English. The idea for this song came because we were craving for summer and we had just watched Mamma Mia! Hope you guys enjoy this as much as we do!
Original song:

Instrumental video:

SUMMER SUMMER, our song:


Summer, summer, I need you soon, ah-hah, summer, summer.
Summer, summer, really miss you, ah-hah, summer summer
I don’t know how to go on
My head may now explode
And now I know what they mean
I think I’m going crazy!
Summer, summer, take me outta here, ah-hah summer, summer (pa pa pa pauuu)
Summer, summer, I’m gonna be there, ah-hah, summer summer (pa pa pa pauuu)
Dreams that I once had (chorus)
The places to see so far (chorus)
I wanna go to the beach
I’m getting sick!
Summer summer, exams consume me, ah-hah, summer summer (pa pa pa pauuu)
Summer summer, you just save me, ah-hah summer, summer (pa pa pa pauuu)
I’d like to find some ruins (chorus)
From Africa to Peru (chorus)
Fiji would be so great
With my lemonade!
Hurry hurry, trains are leaving, ah-hah hurry hurry (pa pa pa pauuu)
Hurry hurry, boats are sailing, ah-hah hurry hurry (pa pa pa pauuu)
There is a long way to go
I don’t want to study more
And I think i’ve said before
That we have to goooooooo [Lorena and Sara]

We have also translated the lyrics to Spanish:

Parece que nunca llega, ah-ah, el verano
Parece que no existiera, ah-ah, el verano
Ya no sé cómo seguir
Así no puedo vivir
Ya toca trabajar
Ponerse a estudiar
¡Me estoy volviendo loca!

Solo pienso en largarme, ah-ah, vacaciones (pa pa pa pauuu)
Por favor que alguien me salve, ah-ah, vacaciones (pa pa pa pauuu)
Paisajes que quiero ver (coro)
Lugares que conocer (coro)
A la playa quiero ir
¡Ya no puedo más!

Los exámenes me agotan, ah-ah, ven verano (pa pa pa pauuu)
Solo pienso en terminar, ah-ah, ven verano (pa pa pa pauuu)
Mañana quiero partir (coro)
De Soria hasta Brasil (coro)
Fiyi estaría bien
¡Vámonos en tren!

Vamos vamos, que ya es tarde ah-ha, vamos vamos (pa pa pa pauuu)
Vamos vamos, ya acabamos, ah-ah, vamos vamos (pa pa pa pauuu)
Hay mucho que preparar
Y mucho que recorrer
Yo ya te lo avisé
Hay que irse ya… (Lorena y Sara)

Spanish video with subtitles in Basque, French and Galician:

We have translated the song "Ven verano" into Basque, French and Galician, because we wanted to reach a wider audience and we have members in our group that could talk different language so it was a good idea to try it. Adapting this song has not been as easy as it looked but we did our very best and we are extremely happy with the results. While translating the lyrics we found some difficulties in expressions that did not exist in some languages or some structures, so we had to let other people read our translation to make sure that we had done the right job. We have used monolingual dictionaries to find the exact term and we have talked to other native speakers to make it easier. We invite everyone to try this experience because we had a great time and we have learnt now technologies.We hope you enjoy it!

Here are some pictures of the making-off so that you enjoy them. We might as well update some more, so stay tuned!