How to use the PopuLLar Wiki

The purpose of the PopuLLar wiki is to provide a space for schools and teachers to add their classroom productions created for the project. You will need to register and be approved before adding your content.
You can embed a YouTube video, an audio recording and the transcript of the lyrics and some information about your songs.

Each participating school will have their own Wiki page were they can add:
  • Some brief Information about their school
  • Videos of the songs they have produced
  • Audios as well (if they have not made a video)
  • The lyrics of their songs - these are transcripts of the words of their songs (they should be in their native and target languages)

Every school page will also have a discussion forum, so other schools and students can post comments about their productions.

If you do not know how to embed a video or audio on this site please watch the How to videos below. There is also a video showing how to use the discussion forums.

Registering and signing in to the wiki

For less experienced teachers, this is a short guide to show you how to register and sign in (log on) to this wiki.PointB.gif

Uploading a video on YouTube
Before we can embed a video in this Wiki we have to upload it to YouTube. Here is a short video showing you how to do that PointB.gif

Embedding a video on the Wiki
To embed a video on to a school page please watch this video PointB.gif. Please note, your video should already have been uploaded on to YouTube or any other permitted video website.

Adding an Audio file

To add an audio file to a page please watch this video PointB.gif. To start the process please have the audio file ready on your your computer.

Contributing to a Discussion

There will be a General discussion forum for this Wiki PointB.gif and also every school page will have a individual discussion. This How to video explains how you can use the forums PointB.gif

To add the lyrics of the song, just copy/paste the text in to the page.

Thank you for your contributions.