Hi everyone! We are Carlos, Roberto, Sara and Isabel, a group of friends from different places of Spain who are studying translation and interpreting at the UVA in Soria. We have different personalities, but still we get along quite well and enjoy working together.
We have chosen four songs to do this project, which are:

Here are the new lyrics we've created for some parts of each song. We wanted to tell the story of a singer who is in his way to the stage, when several people (a stylist, a hairdresser, and a choreographer) stop him and tell him that he won't be a superstar if he doesn't change his appearence. At the end, the singer gets angry and tells them that he can success by being himself.

Girlfriend (0:24 - 1:11)

Oh my goodness
Have you seen that outfit?
No way, come here
Time to find a new look
Oh my goodness
Is it from an outlet?

You’ve got the face
You’ve got the voice
You’ve got body
But have you think about getting a stylist
Don’t you know the shopping centre is like heaven on earth?

Don’t flinch away I’m going to make you look gorgeous
And know what? That shirt is plain monstrous
You can’t wear that outside, and you know I’m right
(right, right, right)

You’re going to triumph everywhere
I’ll make you shine on the stage
We’re going to change all your wardrobe now
[ROBERTO] Stop right there I’m getting out of here

Wannabe (1:20 - 2:03)
I’ll tell you what you need what you really, really need
[ROBERTO] So tell me what I need what I really, really need
[R] I need a [S] you need a [R] I need a [S] you need a
You need a better haircut so you can change your style.

If you wanna be successful, you gotta get your hair cut
Let me make it edgy, you’ll shine like a star
If you wanna be successful, don’t you be afraid
I’ll make you look flawless, just like Beyoncé.

Is it all right if I put some highlights over here?
You would look better, for sure. You´ll make them cheer
So don´t be annoying, and let me work
[ROBERTO] I’m not gonna stand this girl a-ny-more

Single Ladies (0:11 - 0:45)
Come right here (here), get on your feet (feet), I’ll make you shake your hips
Listen to me (me), you cannot trip (trip)
On you all the eyes will be

Move like this (this), imitate me (me)
You gotta pay close attention
You dance so weird, like a machine
So please listen to me

Cause if you wanna be a star then you should work it out
Don’t be ashamed, it’s pretty easy let me turn it up
Turn around, hit the dance floor, and shake it up
Now you’re ready you can show them what you’re made of
[ROBERTO] no no no, no no no, no no nono …

So What (0:26 - 1:30)

No no no no no no no no no, just wanna be myself
No no no no no no no no no can’t tell me how to be

Oh oh, gosh
I’ll speak my mind out
You think it’s foolish
But I won’t shut my mouth

I’m not your puppet
You’re being unfair
Don’t make me change myself
Now I am
Who I am
Somebody had to

Be it
I’ll speak my mind out
You think it’s foolish
But I won’t shut my mouth

I’m gonna break the world down
I’m gonna be a star
You can’t stop me right now
Cause I will follow this path
Don’t wanna reach the top
Without all my defects
I’m gonna rule world
I’m gonna express myself

no no no no no no no
I’m gonna express myself!

no no no no no no no
I’m gonna express myself!!