My Chemical Ladies


Amanda Linares, María Jesús González, Belén Jiménez

Description of the group:

We are a band made of three girls, María, from Córdoba, Belén, from Jaén, and Amanda, from La Rioja. Our songs are powerful and our lyrics try to say something people can feel identified with. We enjoyed a lot writing the lyrics all together. We have something different from other groups, we have a musician among us, Amanda, she can play the piano and the viola. We have tried to include this ability in our project. Hope you like it!

Title of our song: The drama queen


Na na na (x8)
Hey, oh my god.
Where is she?
I can’t find her anywhere
in the bath? in the room?
well, she is maybe in the fridge
not in bed, under stairs, in the lift?
I don’t know where to go, where to go.

What are you doing baby?
Why aren’t you at home?
We were waiting for you
and you didn’t come

The food was so delicious
cause we have a genius chef
Come on girl, come with us
Sorry guys, I can’t stop

I live for the A+, A+, A+ (x2)
Scholarships won’t come free to me
I need A+, A+, A+
And if I don’t do a handout
(I will lose points)
even if I’m not in time
(You will lose points)
but if I answer in the class
(You’ll get extra points)
Talking in English all the time
(will also be great)

A+ (P-L-U-S)
We need that grade
A+ (P-L-U-S)
We live for that grade
A+ (P-L-U-S)
We need that grade

I know you try hard
but stop reading your books
you studied yesterday, and the day before

But don’t you know yet
Tomorrow I’ve got an exam
there’s no time for party
cause I need to pass.

Look at your face, your messy hair
go take a shower, put on your dress
your make-up too, and you will see..

That tonight is gonna be our night
and we all have that exam
let your marks, have some fun
please relax, it’s all in your mind
Can’t you see?

And again you will success
don’t regret tonight cause you need some rest
it’s ok, let’s go out
I’m a drama queen
It will be the best night that your eyes have ever seen.

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