The PopuLLar Piloting music video made by 11 students of Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium in Berlin, Neukölln.

They only had 2 hours to shoot the video material! All lyrics, singing, videos and editing has been done by the students themselves.

Instrumental used with permission of the artist: Muhabbet - Istemesende

Now here's the German version of the PopuLLar song in Spanish by Czech studens, translated and interpreted by Albert Schweitzer students:

Students editing @ Kulturring office

Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium Berlin Neukölln
Karl-Marx-Str 14, 12043 Berlin

The school has 600 students of many different nationalities. Students finish school at the age of 17/18. The school day goes from 8am to 4pm. The school offers lunch and activities during lunchtime. The school is equipped with smartboards. Foreign languages offered are English, Spanish and French. The school is situated in a multicultural neighborhood in Neukölln in the very center of Berlin.

Spanisch AG.jpg
Final group picture with spanish teacher

Albert Schweitzer School classroom.jpeg
PopuLLar project presentation in school

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