Abel´s Angels


Hello! We are Beatriz Arias, Ana Luengo, Abel Calvo, Laura Martín and Esther González and we form the group Abel's Angels, five teenagers from the university of Valladolid who study Translation and Interpreting in Soria.

Our group name comes from the famous film, Charlie's Angels, as we were four girls and only one boy and it could be an atractive name for the band.
We wanted to do something different because our English teacher talk us about PopuLLar project and it seem a nice idea. We started by rewriting the lyrics from the song “Party in the USA” from Miley Cyrus as she is very well-know singer and the song was a hit few years ago. Then, we tried to make our best making a videoclip from it.
It was a really good experience and we think it couldn't be the last time, we have enjoyed working together.

Link to the original song:

Link to the instrumental version of "Party in the U.S.A." :

Link to our video:

Falling in love with him

Yesterday in the afternoonI saw him in the magazine,I started to shout and called my friends.Oh, I told them he is the best man.

I jumped in the bus with the melody of his voice,I don't mind if he's famous and doesn't know me.I'm getting so crazy,He's the one I fancy.

My parents told me he's impossible for meI felt so bad and angry,but seriously I don't care what they say'Cause I'm gonna be his fiancé (x3)

You know what I mean when I talk about himMy heart starts to beatEverything it's alright here,when we drink a beer.You know what I mean when I talk about himMy heart starts to beat.Yeeeeeeaaaah, I'm falling in love with him (x2)
I had my first meet&greet with himand we felt in other galaxyHe said "OMG, you're the one for mewould you like to be with me?"
We spent the day laughing in the sun,It was definitely my dreamy plan.I can't believe we're together,I would be in love forever.
My parents told me he was impossible for me,but now they know i'm the only one for him.I won't be alone again,'Cause I'll be his fiancé (x3).

You know what I mean when I talk about himMy heart starts to beat
Everything it's alright here,
when we drink a beer.
You know what I mean when I talk about him
My heart starts to beat.
Yeeeeeeaaaah, I'm falling in love with him (x2)